About Us

Quality means doing it right when nobody is looking.
– Henry Ford

Why ValuLeads

ValuLeads is an advertising agency with an exclusive affiliate network. This being the case, we work with many different clients on many different levels. When a new advertising client comes to us with a product we will build a campaign and get some traffic rolling in. We design landing pages, help optimize the offer, and get it online – through media buys, email marketing, social media marketing or affiliate marketing, just to name a few avenues we use. We have a solid media buying team and email data for any campaign type.

ValuLeads not only creates campaigns for advertisers and promotes them across all media types, but we also have our own products and have the ability to white label them for high volume publishers. We are always staying one step ahead of the game and, when it comes to affiliate marketing, we believe we can get any campaign out there for our publishers thanks to a great business development team.

There are so many good reasons to partner with ValuLeads! Here are just a few – all of them relating to creating value and maximizing results for your business:

Generate the best leads possible from proven, known publishers.

Enjoy the best payout rates around; we are able to negotiate rates that maximize commissions on leads generated. Put us to the test!

Achieve increased online visibility, a higher page rank in Google, or expanded social media presence (Twitter, Facebook, blogs).

Create a state-of-the-art web design and strategies for driving customers to your site.

Expand connections and interactions with your existing client base through web promotions, email newsletters, social media feeds, blogs.

Generate new business by attracting new customers over the Internet

Strengthen your company's brand identity – for example, with a custom-designed logo. (We don't use logo templates like other companies do.)

Experience unsurpassed one-one-one customer support; we treat you like you matter to us – because you do!



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